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Get the Most from Your Gadget

Why Magnetic Headlines Are Crucial for Your Posts Welcome to Rainmaker. This is a sample post to get you started on your journey. Don’t forget that your headline is the most important aspect of … Read Full Article

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Apple Pay

The War On Apple Pay

The war on mobile payments has begun.  Apple launched Apple Pay and the lines have been drawn by retailers.  Here are a few places I am visiting to keep up with the news.  If you have thoughts, feel free to share them on twitter @teklabsco. Inside the war … Read Full Article

iPhone Models

A Guide to Buying An iPhone

Each and every year without fail people are faced with the same question when the new iPhone is announced.  Which iPhone should I get?  Until the iPhone 6, there has not been much distinction between iOS devices, or a wide amount of choices.  This year Apple … Read Full Article